Group classes and 1 to 1 sessions

Practicing since childhood, Bhavini’s training in yoga is suited to those who are new to yoga, as well as experienced practitioners looking to deepen their practice. Sessions with Bhavini include Sri Sri Yoga, sublime yoga designed to give a true experience of the essence of yoga, delving into the wisdom of the original ancient scriptures of Yoga: ‘The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’, pranayama and meditation.  Sri Sri Yoga is designed to give a true experience of the essence of yoga, creating an in-depth personal understanding and solid foundation for you to practice at home.

With a busy schedule in 2018, Bhavini is teaching Sri Sri Yoga 3 day intensive courses, working on the Teacher Training programs in Germany, and can be found teaching focussed 1-to-1 sessions across London.  Dates for group courses can be found on Bhavini’s Calendar.

If you’ve never come out of your post-yoga meditation with a diamond tear of gratitude in your eyes, you’ve missed the point entirely”. 

Practice on and off the mat

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