The Yoga Jam

The Yoga Jam

The perfect combination of modern beats and ancient sanskrit mantras

The pioneers of holistic club-night inspired events in London, The Yoga Jam launched in 2010 offering alcohol-free events with their high energy in-house band, London based DJ collective ‘music takes me up’, and international yogis guiding both energetic and grounding yoga flows.


“The Yoga Jam isn’t JUST about getting more people to experience yoga or a holistic night out with other gorgeous yogis, or hearing the beautiful beats and sounds of our crew, its very subtly about taking that step into the unknown so that you can find yourself there. We don’t know where we hide ourselves inside, and sometimes its somewhere so deep that we can’t hear ourselves anymore. Well, its time to start listening. Let The Yoga Jam take you on that epic journey from sound to silence, where you can hear that lion within you roar.”

Dance • Yoga • Meditation

The Yoga Jam has been featured at various festivals across London and the UK including Alchemy at the Southbank, leading the way for many of the holistic events we see today.

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