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Meditation through Music – Artist & Humanitarian

When Bhavini Vyas sings, she takes the listener on a profound journey to the core of their being, quite literally channelling her voice into the collective evolution of humanity. The product of a culturally rich family hailing from the northern suburbs of London with a spiritual yet western upbringing, today this 30 something is committed to giving the world – including some of our most marginalised groups – an experience of mantra, meditation and yogic philosophy through her music.

Her why?  A deep desire to share the fundamental principles with the masses, and support the art of meditation’s evolution from the alternative, to mainstream recognition and appreciation for social change.

An accomplished and highly trained vocalist, Bhavini writes her own music, releasing a highly anticipated soul and contemporary EP of original compositions and arrangements, ‘Rays of Love’ in 2017.  Representative of her unique sound and eclectic influences, the EP was launched at Royal Albert Hall as a precursor to the complete album ‘The Lighthouse,’ a work which has become synonymous for taking listeners on an emotional listening journey.

Vocally trained in western classical and Jazz, as well as Hindustani classical and Gujarati folk from the age of 5, Bhavini went on to specialise in the Indore Gharana training in the UK and India under renowned artists performing in some of the most prestigious venues around the world, from the Southbank Centre in London to an audience of 30,000 at the Berlin Olympic Stadium.

In addition to her devotion to meditation through music, Bhavini curates wellbeing events and festivals for Mind Body Spirit UK. She has spent the past decade serving under global humanitarian H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the International Art of Living Foundation, a non-profit, educational and humanitarian organisation active in over 150 countries, whose social and humanitarian projects and programmes for happiness, self-development, stress reduction and trauma relief, have reached more than 400 million people of all nationalities, cultures and religions worldwide.

From a very young age and with a keen scientific mind, Bhavini had dreamed of a career in Surgery, her interim studies in Psychology & Chemistry at Edinburgh University supporting that dream. Yet when it came down to applying to medical school, her heart superseded her head and she chose music. Exposed to high calibre musicians from the beginning of her musical journey, Bhavini spent her younger years collaborating with various producers and musicians and featuring on their projects, inadvertently developing an international repertoire. Influenced by Hip-hop, soul and devotional music from all over the world, she works closely with musicians, DJ collectives and producers to devise unique musical arrangements.

Beyond music, Bhavini served as the UK Coordinator for the Sri Sri School of Yoga for 8 years, has her own studio in London’s Marylebone (Kanga Studio), and has contributed to the BreatheSMART & PrisonSMART program in UK and Europe, as well as refugee activities conducted under the International Association for Human Values (IAHV).  In what is arguably a moment in time when we are more in need than ever of the spiritual tools for wellbeing Bhavini has dedicated her life to sharing, Bhavini Vyas is one of the UK’s most exciting and significant leading voices;

“I use my voice to serve, to connect us to something deep within each one of us, and music has the power to deeply connect us all. If we can collectively use this as a force to unite us, not only to each other but to our more authentic and true selves within through meditation, we have the power to change humanity and make our lives the joyful expression of something much more powerful.”

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