Hosted by Bhavini Vyas

“Discover the ultimate podcast for your Wellbeing. It doesn’t matter if you are already advanced in your Wellbeing journey or just taking those first steps. Let us guide you with the help of industry-leading teachers and gurus who will share their techniques, challenges, triumphs and stories as we cover subjects from astrology to yoga.

This Podcast is brought to you by the Mind Body Spirit Festival¬†which since 1977 has been passionate to create live events and provide an outlet with a focus on all things Wellbeing. The aim is to give you the tools, inspiration and support to feel inspired and motivated by the worlds best wellbeing speakers, performers, gurus, fitness motivators and now a podcast!” Launched 2020.

Series 1

Paul McKenna – Hypnosis & Transformation

Kyle Gray – What are Angels trying to tell us?

Alice Liveing – Healhy living On & Offline

Adam Roa – Life is Poetry

Yasmin Boland – The New Moon

Richie Bostock – Understanding Breathing

Mira Manek – Ayurvedic Rituals for Happiness

Jahnavi Harrison – The Power of Kirtan & Mantra

Swami Purnachaitanya – Understanding Vedic Wisdom

Series 2

Ben Aldridge – How to Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Jay Shetty – Using Ancient Wisdom to solve Modern Problems

Gemma Correll – Illustration & Mental Health

Diana Cooper – Unicorns & Angelic Healing

Dr Richard Bandler – Resilience, Confidence & Conviction

Lisa Lister – Know your Flow

Edric Kennedy-Macfoy – Fuel your Fitness with a Plant-Based Lifestyle

Ben Bidwell – Changing the Stigma about Masculinity & Mental Health

Marisa Peer – Reprogram your Immune System

Series 3

Rob Da Bank