Collaborating with global musicians in celebration and devotion

Having participated in Satsang and kirtan since the age of 5, Bhavini naturally went on to leading satsang in London, across the UK and around the world.

She has performed for hundreds of thousands of people, at concerts, festivals and events including:

  • Om Yoga Show
  • Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival
  • The World Yoga Festival
  • International Yoga Day celebrations from 2015-2020
  • How the Light Gets In
  • Curious Arts Festival
  • Soul Circus Festival

Satsang with Friends

Most of the time, our individual minds are separate from each other, we each have separate opinions and thoughts. But when we sing and dance together, we are one – Chanting ancient mantras, sanskrit kirtan, satsang and meditation brings our minds into the same vibration and connects us to the source. Satsang completes the celebration of life

Whether you’ve never been before or if you’re a satsang regular, you’re invited to share this with your friends and, family, your loved ones, and communities at large at ‘Satsang with Friends’ events. It’s time these gifts are shared beyond the usual realms and we open the doors wide open to everyone.

We’ll provide the words and the vibe, we’ll guide you through the meditation, and we’ll hold space to make you comfortable. Everything will be taken care of, just come and bathe in the mantras.

Check the ‘Schedule’ page for the next event.