Spiritual Coaching

Your Personal Journey

Welcome! I know that your spiritual journey and growth is a very personal quest. Working together with me can help you reach your goals as I encourage you to cultivate a spirit of enquiry, help you sink into your nature and discover your true potential

There is so much out there at the moment and Spiritual Coaching sessions with me can help you either find or continue on your spiritual path with confidence and the support you need.

With over 2 decades of practical experience, I have long been an ambassador of the spiritual side of life. and have a vast portfolio of working with individuals and high performing teams around the world.

If you know you could do with having a little more 1-2-1 focussed and specific support from someone who knows what you are going through and has over-come those challenges first hand,  get in touch.


“I have had the privilege of attending sessions with Bhavini – I can’t recommend them highly enough to anyone who needs to find some space to reconnect with their deepest inner convictions. I always leave her sessions feeling a deep sense of spiritual connection and calm.”



1st session: Free 20 min call to discuss your needs

2nd session: £200 per 120 mins

3rd session onwards: Discussed on case by case basis *Prepaid block bookings at reduced rate.


This is just the start of dipping your toe in the ocean. There is an infinite amount of precious wisdom, knowledge, philosophy to explore and dive into, from the whole tradition of yogic and Vedic philosophy.

Whenever you are ready, I am here for you and to support you on your spiritual journey.


During our sessions together:

I will first ask you your goals, and what you intend to get out of our sessions both in general, and what you’d like to work on specifically if you already have some ideas in mind.

In the process of listening to you and what you are sharing, I will help you uncover some of the tendencies which might be holding you back and can reveal what you can do to transcend or at least begin to work on those areas in your life.

I will also get you to discover your ‘go to’ states of mind so that we can work on how to overcome them, particularly if they’re holding you back.

The work is either physical, emotional, energetic or spiritual and I will guide you in the best strategies that I believe, in my 30 years of practical experience, can help you to move forwards with confidence and clarity.

If you know you need a little extra help, you’re in the right place – get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to work with you and get you to where you want to be.